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Why David Bedingham, a South African batter, is attempting to get a passport in England

<p>With a brilliant half-century against India in Centurion last week, South African David Bedingham earned a memorable Test cricket debut.</p>
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<p>The 29-year-old made the transition from first-class cricket to the international arena after years of arduous work. He was instrumental in South Africa’s decisive victory against India, which gave them a 1-0 lead in the two-Test series.</p>
<p>In addition to making the cut for South Africa’s upcoming trip of New Zealand, Bedingham scored 56.</p>
<p>The middle-order hitter is still competing in England, however, this time for a passport for a post-cricket existence.</p>
<p>Bedingham told reporters on Monday, “I’m still trying to get an English passport, but it’s not for cricket, it’s for after cricket.”</p>
<p>“Although I would prefer to play there (in England), I have played as an overseas player ever since I moved there, and I don’t believe that will change. I wanted to play county cricket as a local, but it would still take me another three or four years to play for England,” he said.</p>
<p>Given that the two Test matches against New Zealand conflict with their local T20 league, South Africa selected a somewhat reduced Test side.</p>
<p>Neil Brand, the team’s uncapped opening batter, has been elected captain since numerous first-choice players are unavailable because of their participation in the SA20.</p>
<p>Bedingham claims that he spoke with South Africa’s coach Shukri Conrad and decided not to participate in the SA20 players draft.</p>
<p>“I removed my name from the draft in order to play in New Zealand,” he said. Conrad Shuks phoned and said that there could be a chance. I believed that I had a good chance of participating when I learned that no one from the SA20 could participate. I didn’t hesitate to act. I assured him that I would remove my name from the draft.</p>
<p>In Cape Town, the second Test against India will begin on Wednesday.</p>

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