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Seeking more: How a second residence might benefit Indian high net worth individuals

<p>A favorable wave of economic prosperity is sweeping the globe in this age of renewable energy revolutions, healthcare discoveries, and technical advancements. Through digital transformation, industries are being redefined, incorporating AI solutions, streamlining supply chains, and encouraging innovation for a more contemporary and just society.</p>
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<p>India is becoming into a major actor in the world economy as countries adopt these reforms, able to take advantage of these developments for its own development. India’s ambition to actively shape the future of global technology is evident in its numerous technological achievements, such as the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the lunar south pole, the launch of its AI Mission, and advancements in semiconductor manufacturing and telecommunications.<br />
Driven by its rapidly expanding economy, the Indian populace is expected to become more affluent and see an 80% rise in the number of high-net-worth individuals by the end of the decade. But in spite of India’s economic expansion and popularity, a strange pattern is beginning to emerge: Indian high net worth individuals are leaving the country for other countries.<br />
Opening Up: The tactical advantages of a second residence for high net worth individuals in India<br />
Even in a world where India is leading the way in technology innovation, which is connecting the globe more deeply, barriers still remain in the way of people who want to go further. For several reasons, including tax benefits for expanding businesses, diversifying their assets, or enhancing their international mobility, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in India are proactively pursuing a novel solution: obtaining a second residence.<br />
In essence, residence by investment is the process of obtaining residency in another country by making economic investments there. Gaining an understanding of this idea is similar to discovering a new doorway to more expansive global opportunities. This investment may come in many forms, such as buying real estate, giving money, or even starting a company in the nation. These are nations that provide a way to maintain and increase riches in addition to providing a different place to live.<br />
International corporate growth and tax efficiency<br />
A second residence may be a huge advantage for expanding a firm, especially in India where corporate taxes can amount to a whopping 30% of revenue. By using tax-friendly conditions, Indian entrepreneurs can significantly expand their commercial horizons. Consider Hungary: the nation has the lowest tax rate in the EU, at 9%, and has an attractive new residence option that starts at €250,000. Indian high net worth individuals (HNWIs) may significantly advance their worldwide reach and tax efficiency by establishing a presence in these nations.<br />
preserving and increasing wealth via real estate investments<br />
A further attractive advantage is being able to enter some of the top real estate markets in the world at a reasonable cost. For example, Greece’s real estate market is booming, with yearly increases in house values of more than 10%. It’s a buyer’s market because, despite this increasing tendency, present prices are lower than historical highs. Indian HNWIs who join the market today via Greece’s Golden Visa are well-positioned to perhaps make substantial returns when the market rises.<br />
A backup plan to prepare for unexpected events<br />
Moreover, establishing a Plan B becomes essential given the unpredictable nature of globally disruptive events like the COVID-19 pandemic or even current political upheavals. A second residence may serve as a reliable Plan B to protect assets, livelihoods, and mobility, since these crises often cause disruptions in several sectors that affect employment and stability.<br />
Increasing international mobility and creating chances<br />
Furthermore, Indian passport holders continue to confront the reality of restricted access to international locations even as the globe swiftly pushes towards greater interconnection. Indian people have a global reach score of only 38% since they need visas for a large number of countries, according to Arton Capital’s Passport Index. International commercial, healthcare, and even leisure prospects are restricted as a result.<br />
The appeal of obtaining a second residency is its significant contribution to improving global mobility. Indian citizens may invest in countries such as Greece and Hungary, which not only allow them to stay in Europe but also significantly increase their freedom of travel within the Schengen Area. Second residences can provide youngsters with access to prestigious universities, which is another significant benefit. Not only does this exposure provide unmatched educational chances, but it also creates doors to outstanding career prospects for the next generation.<br />
As someone who helps Indian families and company owners find residency options, I have personally seen how this procedure has helped companies go global by enabling them to take advantage of affordable locations and boost sales outside of India. By gaining admission to prestigious colleges in the US, UK, and EU, these families’ children have also been given the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of an education while minimizing the financial burden on their parents. Getting a second residence is a step toward a transformative experience that changes your life, says Louissa Lavnea Thomas, Director of Arton Capital – Asia.<br />
Established in 2006 and leading the investment migration sector ever since, Arton Capital provides an unrivaled array of cutting-edge and customized investor programs, enabling individuals and families to extend their life internationally via the gift of global citizenship. Arton continues to be at the forefront of the investment migration scene, allowing smooth transfers for individuals looking for foreign possibilities and boosting their global mobility with 19 offices globally and 13 government mandates.<br />
Increasing India’s influence in a changing world<br />
India’s rise to prominence as a technical powerhouse is evident in an era characterized by rapid technological progress and worldwide connectivity. The country’s innovative advances are a reflection of its desire to lead, not follow, in the international arena. Indians are realizing more and more the transforming power of obtaining a second residence in order to pursue their own success and place themselves at the vanguard of a dynamic and linked world, as their story becomes entwined with the tale of global growth.<br />
A second residency emerges not only as a strategic move but also as a prudent Plan B, providing Indian high-net-worth individuals and their families with favorable tax environments, strategic asset diversification, and enhanced global mobility. It offers a pathway to stability, opportunity, and a broader global reach. Are you going to follow them?</p>

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