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Where can I see FM Sitharaman’s address live on television during the interim budget of 2024?

<p>On February 1 at 11 a.m., Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is scheduled to unveil the Interim Budget 2024–25, a provisional budget until the next administration assumes power.</p>
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<p>Considering that this budget is provisional, no significant announcements or incentives are anticipated. Nonetheless, the government may provide certain advantages to appeal to all facets of society given that the Lok Sabha elections are scheduled for later this year.</p>
<p>The Union Finance Minister will be the center of attention as the country awaits the release of the budget.</p>
<p>Where can I watch the live Interim Budget 2024–25?</p>
<p>The India Today website will stream the Interim Budget live.</p>
<p>Watchers may access the live stream by clicking this link.</p>
<p>The event will also be live-streamed on India Today’s YouTube channel.</p>
<p>The authorities who are drafting the next budget are under severe secrecy constraints for the final document and are presently in a “lock-in” phase.</p>
<p>Only after the formal presentation on February 1 will they exit this phase. The ‘lock-in’ began on January 24 of this year with the customary ‘halwa’ ritual.</p>
<p>The Union Budget Mobile App, which is accessible in Hindi and English on Android, iOS, and the Union Budget Web Portal, allows you to see the Budget 2024 papers in a “paperless form”.</p>
<p>These materials will be instantly accessible on the mobile app after the Budget Speech.</p>
<p>Keep an eye out for AajTak’s and IndiaToday Online’s live coverage of the interim budget, which will make it simple for viewers to stay up to date.</p>

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