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Closes the lavish BIFFes event

<p>The 15th edition of the Bengaluru International Film Festival (BIFFes) concluded on Thursday after seven days of world-class film. From March 1 to 7, the festival celebrated Kannada and modern global cinema, bringing together over 50,000 moviegoers to see everything from internationally-acclaimed films like Anatomy of a Fall and The Zone of Interest to Kannada classics like Thaayi Saheba and Mungaru Male.</p>
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<p>The festival included the Asian Cinema Competition, Chitrabharati (Indian Cinema) Competition, and Kannada Cinema Competition, each featuring 12 films, in addition to 180 films in 20 other languages. The jury was made up of reviewers from throughout the country, including Maxine Williamson from Australia and Viera Langerová from the Czech Republic.</p>
<p>The winners of the Kannada, Indian, and Asian film festivals were presented with their prizes at the closing event, which took place in Vidhana Soudha’s Banquet Hall. Nirvana, directed by Amar L, was awarded First Best Kannada Cinema.</p>
<p>Participating in the Kannada film competition, Williamson said, “I believe that film is the most popular art form in the twenty-first century.” We live in gloomy times, thus I believe a film festival is crucial to the health of the local economy. The crowd here is impressive, showing a deep interest with both worldwide and local movies. India has a very vibrant regional film industry. I have never previously had the chance to witness a Kannada film. Stories with the same societal issues appeared everywhere. I reacted to it because I associated with it as a person.</p>
<p>MS Sathyu: Award for Lifetime Achievement</p>
<p>Kannada Film Awards</p>
<p>Nirvana, the first great film (Amar L., director)</p>
<p>Kandeelu, the second-best movie (director: K Yashoda Prakash)</p>
<p>ALINDIA Radio (Director: Rangaswamy) is the third best movie.</p>
<p>Distinguished Juror Mention: Kshetrapathi (Rishankant Katagi, director)</p>
<p>Raj B. Shetty, director: Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye; winner of the NETPAC Jury Award</p>
<p>Indian Film Festival</p>
<p>The first best movie was Sujay Dahake’s Marathi film Shyamchi Aai.</p>
<p>Second-Best Movie: R Manthira Moorthy’s Tamil film Ayothi</p>
<p>Chaver, a Malayalam film directed by Tinu Pappachan, is ranked third best.</p>
<p>Shyamchi Aai (director: Sujay Dahake) received the FIPRESCI Award.</p>
<p>Asian Film Festival</p>
<p>Inshallah A Boy, the first best movie (director: Ajmal Al Rasheed)</p>
<p>Sthal, directed by Jayanth Digambar Somalkar, is the second-best movie.</p>
<p>Sunday, the third-best movie (director: Shokir Kolikov)</p>
<p>Mithya received a special jury mention (director: Sumanth Bhat).</p>

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