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Huma Qureshi Thanks Her 16-Year-Old Self for Never Giving Up in This Note

<p>On International Women’s Day, actress Huma Qureshi, who is now appearing in Maharani 3, sent a heartfelt letter to herself when she was sixteen. She reflected on her path and recognized the difficulties she had pursuing her passion of being an artist. The Gangs of Wasseypur actress complimented her younger self in the letter for continuing to be strong and unwavering in the face of criticism. She gives herself credit for getting to this point and for overcoming obstacles in a place like Mumbai.</p>
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<p>The actress also recalled her early, difficult years, during which she experienced loneliness and repeated rejection. She did, however, stress how crucial it is to follow her aspirations. Huma ended the same Instagram message, which included flashbacks of her early years, by pleading for other women to stand by one another.</p>
<p>“Dear 16-Year-Old Me,” the actress began her letter. I am grateful for the day you marched into your class 11 principal’s office. Even if you were scared, your passion for the stage outweighed your apprehension. You were required to inform them of your preference: humanities over science or performing arts over academics. Your first battle with uncertainty. The beginning of your path toward surpassing expectations. They said you were being obstinate. that your dreams weren’t real. You must be like the rest, content to fit into a mold and choose the “smart and safe” path. I appreciate your determination back then since it would lead you on an amazing adventure.</p>
<p>“You didn’t know a soul when you came to Mumbai, but you went to every audition and meeting every day with unwavering determination,” she said. When I enter that door, they don’t know who I am, but when I leave, I want to make sure they remember who I am. In the beginning, when you’re in a new place, your dreams are your sole source of guidance. You grieve in alone many nights, hoping for any glimmer of hope. Even if every rejection stings, you get up, go back to work, and go forward.</p>
<p>Even with rejections, Huma Qureshi has made significant progress. She claims that while becoming older has brought about sophistication and knowledge, it hasn’t lessened the chance to remain a “simple girl” with lofty goals. She gives advice to her younger self to not let criticism deter her in the future.</p>
<p>But Huma still wonders what 16-year-old Rani Bharati from Maharani, Rajshri from Double XL, or Monica Machado from Monica O My Darling would have thought of these characters. But since these characters defy conventional assumptions, she thinks the little girl will find them endearing. She claims that these women are messy, unedited, and powerful—much like herself and many other women—rather than being “damsels in distress” or flawless heroines. Finally, Qureshi exhorts all women, including her younger self, to keep speaking out since they are capable of doing so and will eventually rise above the din.</p>
<p>In the third season of Maharani, Huma Qureshi returns to reprise her role as Rani Bharti, after the success of the first two seasons. Viewers and fans have praised Huma’s acting and compelling plot since the show’s premiere.</p>
<p>Talented performers like Amit Sial, Sohum Shah, Vineet Kumar, Pramod Pathak, Kani Kusruti, Anuja Sathe, Sushil Pandey, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya play important parts in the Saurabh Bhave-directed series.</p>

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