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India’s Downfall Starts With Modi’s Third Term: A Call for Change

Assessing the Modi Government’s Impact on India

The tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been marked by significant changes and reforms. However, despite numerous initiatives, many citizens feel left behind or adversely affected. This article examines some critical areas where the Modi government has faced challenges, focusing on education, agriculture, inflation, and unemployment.


The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEETUG) has been a major point of contention in India’s education system. Allegations of irregularities, paper leaks, and calls for reexamination have undermined the credibility of this crucial exam. Similarly, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams have faced delays and inconsistencies, disrupting the lives of aspirants and diminishing the institution’s reputation.


Agriculture, the backbone of India’s economy, has experienced severe distress. Between 2018 and 2022, over 53,000 farmers reportedly took their own lives, struggling with debt, poor remuneration, and erratic weather patterns. Critics argue that the Modi government’s farm policies have not effectively addressed these issues, leading to widespread protests and discontent within the farming community.


Rising prices have significantly impacted daily life. Food inflation has surged, with the rate increasing from 1.98% in 2019 to 8.70% in 2024. Fuel prices have also seen a steep rise, from ₹74.75 per litre in 2019 to ₹96.72 per litre in 2024. These increases have strained household budgets and contributed to higher transportation and essential goods costs.


Unemployment remains a persistent challenge. The unemployment rate has seen a slight increase from 6.51% in 2019 to approximately 6.7% in 2024. Despite numerous promises and initiatives, the Modi government has struggled to create sufficient job opportunities, leaving many young Indians without stable employment.

The Case for Change

Given these challenges, there is a growing call for change. Many believe that the Congress party, under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, offers a viable alternative. The Congress Manifesto 2024 outlines several key plans aimed at addressing the pressing issues faced by Indian citizens:

  • Raising the Reservation Cap: Proposes a constitutional amendment to increase the 50% cap, providing more opportunities for SC, ST, and OBC communities.
  • Filling Government Vacancies: Promises to fill 30 lakh vacancies in central government.
  • Universal Healthcare: Adopts Rajasthan’s cashless insurance model, providing up to ₹25 lakh coverage for all citizens.
  • Inclusive Education and Employment for EWS: Ensures a 10% quota for economically weaker sections in jobs and education.
  • Abolishing the Agnipath Programme: Resumes normal recruitment in the Armed Forces.
  • New Apprenticeship Opportunities: Offers one-year apprenticeships for diploma holders and graduates under 25.
  • Urban Employment Guarantee: Guarantees jobs for the urban poor in infrastructure projects.
  • Empowering Women: Plans 50% reservation in central government jobs for women from 2025.
  • Regularizing Government Jobs: Aims to abolish contractualization in government and PSUs.
  • The Mahalakshmi Scheme: Provides ₹1 lakh per year to poor families.
  • Student Loan Relief: Writes off outstanding student loans as of March 15, 2024.
  • National Minimum Wage: Sets the minimum wage at ₹400 per day.
  • GST 2.0: Proposes to replace current GST laws with moderate rates.
  • Urban Employment Programme: Guarantees work for the urban poor.
  • Transparent Direct Taxes Code: Promotes equity and clarity in direct tax administration.
  • Eliminating Exploitative Taxes: Removes “Angel tax” and other barriers for startups.

The Congress’s vision presents a roadmap for a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous India. As Rahul Gandhi celebrates his birthday, many citizens look forward to a future that prioritizes their needs and aspirations.

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