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The Bothra Foundation Celebrates 25 Years of Selfless Service 

BENGALURU, 8th July 2024  – The Bothra Foundation proudly commemorates its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter-century of unwavering dedication to community service. Established on July 7, 1999, by Mr. C.P. Bothra, the Foundation has evolved from a modest clinic into a comprehensive healthcare provider, significantly impacting lives in Jaibharath Nagar, Bangalore, and beyond. 


Inspired by his father, the late Shri Chandanmalji Bothra, a devoted Vaidya in Rajasthan, Mr. C.P. Bothra founded the Bothra Foundation with the vision of alleviating suffering and providing accessible, high-quality healthcare. Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has expanded its reach, serving over 24,700 registered patients regularly through specialised clinics for diabetes, diabetic foot care, dental care, cardiology, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, ENT, ophthalmology, palliative care, and more. 


The Foundation’s achievements are noteworthy: over 18,800 cataract surgeries, 14,000 glaucoma cases managed, 15,500 foot care treatments, diabetes management for over 179,500 individuals, 16,000 physiotherapy sessions, 6,000 dental care services, and more than 80 lifesaving surgeries at no cost to patients. Notably, the diabetic foot care program boasts a 100% success rate in preventing amputations. Dr Veena G, Medical Officer of the Bothra Foundation, has been ably leading the medical centre for the last 25 years, champions these community-driven initiatives, which are vital for the ongoing success and expansion of their services. 


During the silver jubilee grand celebration, a video showcasing the Foundation’s 25-year journey was released, along with a commemorative coffee table book. The grand celebration was graced by Chief Guest Mr. Dilip Surana, Chairman & Managing Director, Micro Labs Ltd., alongside distinguished doctors, their families, and numerous supporters. The video & coffee table book captures the Foundation’s impactful journey, showcasing the stories of those it has helped and the dedication of its volunteers and staff. Personal narratives and vivid imagery illustrate the transformative power of generosity and the impact of selfless service. Senior doctors across specialties and their medical and paramedic teams were felicitated for their selfless services at the Bothra Foundation medical centre and in the institutions, it had tied ups. Bothra Foundation expressed gratitude for having great contributions from these doctors and institutions. 




The Bothra Foundation’s understanding for cooperations with prestigious institutions such as the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology, Karunashraya Hospice Trust, Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, GEF Eye Hospital BICO, Kidwai Cancer Institute, and Vittala Eye Hospitals etc. have enabled us to bring cutting-edge medical care to underserved communities, making a tangible difference in many lives, said Mr. C.P. Bothra, Managing Trustee of the Bothra Foundation. 



To stay at the forefront of medical advancements, the Bothra Foundation is investing in cutting-edge medical equipment, advanced diagnostic tools, and upgraded patient care infrastructure. This includes state-of-the-art lab equipment for accurate and timely diagnoses. By doing tie-ups with like-minded organisations, the Foundation aims to create a sustainable, replicable healthcare model that maintains high standards of care. 



Preventive care is central to the Foundation’s strategy. By focusing on early detection, regular screenings, and health education, the Foundation aims to reduce chronic diseases and improve health outcomes through health camps, wellness programs, and lifestyle workshops. Future plans include enhancing cancer detection and raising deeper awareness about glaucoma. Bothra foundation in association with the Glaucoma Society of India, had conducted a spectacular vintage car parade to garner public attention to glaucoma during world glaucoma week. The Foundation is investing in advanced diagnostic technologies and conducting awareness campaigns to increase early detection rates and provide comprehensive care for these conditions. 



Reflecting on the Foundation’s principles and future aspirations, Hemanth Bothra, Trustee, encapsulated the core of their mission and the urgent call for growth. We take pride in the positive influence we have had on the lives of those in need. Yet, we acknowledge that there is still much work to be done. It is vital that we broaden our horizons to ensure that maximum needy we cover, he said. 

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